COVID-19, otherwise referred to as Coronavirus, has impacted our lives in ways we never thought imaginable. Help protect your home and your family by installing one of the whole home air filtration products offered by Anderson Air in Wilmington, NC.

Four Unique and Effective Systems

Each system meets industry standards for in- home air purification. We only install units from the most reputable manufacturers because when you are protecting yourself from the dangers of COVID-19 you deserve to have the best equipment available. We have systems to fit any budget so don’t wait until it’s too late to call and find out how we can help you and your loved ones from catching the coronavirus!

REME Halo System

The REME Halo system is a top of the line whole home purification system. Once installed it provides simple operation without the need for bulb replacement. You can find out more here.

RGF BLU QU UV Light System

Quick installation and simple operation are two key attributes of the UV light system provided by RGF. Easy to change bulbs can be done without tools or have one of our technicians handle it during an annual maintenance visit. To learn more about this system click here.

Fresh Aire Blue Tube UV Light

Fresh Aire provides the world’s most popular HVAC UV light according to their website. Patented low voltage UV light source provides disinfecting for your air handler and interior HVAC system.

iWave Air Whole Home System

iWave Air has developed a system that can provide protection from the COVID-19 virus for your entire home. Patented ion technology disinfects by killing the virus present in the air through removing the hydrogen molecules. You can find out more about how their technology works on their website.


As much as COVID has changed our lives outside of our homes by using one of the systems above you can rest easy knowing that you are killing 99.9% of the virus in your HVAC system. We can work with almost any budget so please ask our service reps about this potentially life saving technology you can have installed in your home.